Modular Safety Balustrades - Vic Rail, Melbourne

Project Category: Railway Handrailing and Safety Barriers
Product Type: Standard Clamp Range

Safety modular balustrades installed with Interclamp® fittings along the rail tracks in Melbourne, Australia.

Interclamp fittings have been chosen to protect personnel along the Melbourne rail tracks with the construction of safety balustrades.

The modular fittings allow easy transportation to sites particularly where access is difficult when compared to pre-fabricated structures.

The Interclamp fittings feature a secondary coating over the hot-dipped galvanising to enhance corrosion protection and to extend the life of the product.

No welding is required, the fittings are assembled my means of a simple hey-key this enables a fast and easy installation on-site.  This also eliminates the need for hot-work permits and high fabrication time and costs compared to traditional welded structures.




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Interclamp Modular Safety Balustrade - Vic Rail, Melbourne