166 - Adjustable Knuckle

166 - Adjustable Knuckle

A versatile fitting, often used where a horizontal rail is joined to a sloping section. Once the desired angle is obtained, the knuckle is secured with a standard setscrew.

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Product Data & Dimensions

Size a (mm) Weight (Kg) Box Qty*
  AA21   -   0.26   50
  B34   78   0.91   42
  C42   88   1.29   26
  D48   93   1.58   23
  E60   110   2.34   12

* Fittings are sold individually and do not need to be bought in box quantites. Box Quanties may be subject to change without prior notice.

Figures given as guidance only, dimensions and weights are subject to manfacturing tolerances and may be altered without prior notice.